The RT-2010 set fits the Tamiya Ligier JS11, kit #20012. The set features a 15 inch front tire and wheel conversion with the 1979 Wingfoot rain tire tread pattern and 15 inch Gotti front wheels. The set includes 4 rain tires (2 fronts & 2 rears) plus 2 white metal wheel centers, 2 turned aluminum wheel rims and decals for the tires.

Tamiya JS11 - Late '70s Wfoot Rain Conv. Tires w/Gotti 15" Front Wheels

SKU: RT-2010
  • RT-2010

    All of Icon Automotive Miniatures 1/20th scale tire sets are designed to fit Tamiya Plastic models first. Often times the kit wheels of another plastic model kit manufacture will work with only small modifications. The same can be said for Model Factory Hiro, Studio-27 and other Multi-Media kits. If you are unsure as to whether any of these tire sets would be correct for the model you are building feel free to contact us at: and we will do our best to answer your specific questions.