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The TT-1201 replacement Goodyear tire set is intended as a replacement for the Trumpeter GT-40 kit. The kit tires are replicas of nothing I can find photographic evidence of ever existing. The kit tires are over all the wrong shape and the tread pattern is non existent. This tire set will add a new degree of realism to your GT-40 model. The set includes 5 Late 60s era Wingfoot treaded tires with embossed logos on the sidewalls of each tire (2 front tires & 2 rear tires and 1 spare front tire). The spare tire does not have the flat spot where it connects to the sprue. There is also included 1 front wheel to complete the spare tire missing completely from the Trumpeter kit. There are no decals for the tire logos included, it is intended that the modeler paint the logos using the embossed lettering as a guide.

Trumpeter GT-40 Replacement Tires

SKU: TT-1201
  • TT-1201

    All of Icon Automotive Miniatures 1/12th scale tire sets are designed to fit the specific model first. Often times the kit wheels of another model kit manufacture will work with only small modifications whether or not the intended kit is a Plastic kit or a Multi-Media kits. If you are unsure as to whether any of these tire sets would be correct for the model you are building feel free to contact us at: and we will do our best to answer your specific questions.

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